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How do you close the gap between wanting to apply IoT and actually applying it?

Consultation in a Factory

IoT Consulting

With the Internet of Things, comprehensive data is made available to allow for informed decisions and the initiation of automated processes. It is the basis of secure communication among machines, systems, and people with standardized protocols across all organizational levels. The intelligent combining of your data and the visual processing in real time provide unimaginable possibilities for your future business success. Analyze data streams from company systems, sensors, web data, and many other data sources before making future business decisions



  • IoT & Analytics Workshops

  • Current & potential analysis 

  • Development of application scenarios


  • Construction of the infrastructure  

  • Integration of interfaces & systems  

  • Documentation of the IoT & Analytics projects


  • Definition of the architecture design & sizing

  • Integration planning for interfaces & existing systems 

  • Selection of IoT & Analytics technologies


  • On-premise, cloud or hybrid operation

  • Managed Services


  • The development of a digital infrastructure that can support rapid response to new requirements

  • The development of an IoT security concept that enables the secure and efficient storage and management of data

  • The use of predictive maintenance for better resource planning and quality assurance

  • A flexible system for tracking customer journeys and purchasing behavior

  • An attractive, platform-independent visual display of data and,

  • Real-time support of all departments

Industrial Storage

Industry Use cases

* This data is taken from the customers of our clients. Kindly contact us if you wish to see the detailed reports.

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