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Sensors are the building blocks to enable IoT in your enterprise 

IoT Sensors

Connected devices will be in high demand in the coming years thanks to the Internet of Things. We provide you the entire experience to solve any sensor related task, no matter how specific or challenging.

We can customize sensors according to your business needs and provide you with a development kit, an easy and fast way to develop IoT applications 


Broadcast engineer maintains camera circ


These hardware modules have been certified. An external antenna is available or you can use a chip antenna. They consume less power, allowing battery-powered solutions to last longer

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Embedded firmware, accessible via AT-command through the serial interface. Frontends and IT services that let you handle all cloud management

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We customize any aspect of your solution to ensure it fits perfectly. Additional PCB sizes, antenna selection and matching, additional bus connections, additional sensors, even running your application within our module

Smart factory

Industry Use cases

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