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Ride the wave of IoT and Cloud with us !

IoT provides businesses with a real-time look into how their systems really work, delivering insights into everything from the performance of machines to supply chain and logistics operations.

Revolutionize your business with our IoT solutions!!

Smart Factory

By networking the individual machines of a production line, efficiency and throughput can be controlled. Machine utilization increases, downtime is reduced, and the downstream supply chain is optimized.

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Business Consultation

Our IoT Solutions

IoT Platform

Our goal is to provide you with the best IoT solution for your business. Therefore, we will customize our solution to you and your needs, not you to ours.

IoT Consultation

We offer comprehensive services for analyzing, planning, constructing, and operating collaboration architectures, in addition to sourcing and procuring market and technology-leading solutions.

IoT Sensors

Our team is prepared to help you integrate IoT technology into your products. We can embed modules, access your data, sense it and provide all the IT services you need in the background.

Smart building

Webinar 16th Aug 2022

Get clarity on your next business decisions. Our motto is Improve, Adapt and Overcome. Save time and money in the long run !

Conducted by Mr. Benjamin Hollstein, CEO EYNCHANT

German: 14:00

  English: 16:00

Agenda of our 1:1 Consultation

Industrial IoT Consulting


Before IoT

24 hours average downtime

Smart Manufacturing

After IoT

12 hour  average Downtime

> 7 digit € saved

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